White House Partners With Amazon And Others On Climate Change Resilience | Guardian Sustainable Business | Theguardian.com

Monsanto, which has controversially promoted genetically modified crops and taken small farmers to court to protect its seed patents , stated that it will release data from a multi-year, multi-site corn breeding project into the public sphere, to enhance efforts at forecasting crop production under changing water and climate conditions. There are also a number of university-corporate partnerships, as well as commitments from big data firms Quandl, The Climate Corporation and SWIIM. Several other well-known corporations made commitments that while admirable in aspiration were light on detail, or seemed to represent ongoing efforts that were shoehorned into the White Houses food-resilience framing: Coca-Cola pledged to expand efforts at quantifying and analyzing various aspects of its global corn supply chain including water, energy, and fertilizer use towards lowering its overall environmental and climate impacts. Nestle pledged to set greenhouse gas reduction targets that are based upon science and incorporating both absolute-carbon and carbon-intensity aspects. It has already announced a reduction target of 35% per metric ton of goods by 2015. Mars stated it would continue to make major investments in …
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2014/aug/01/obama-food-resilience-climate-change-data-microsoft-amazon-monsanto


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