Microsoft Stores Celebrate Master Chief Collection Launch With Streams And Swag | Joystiq

According to Microsoft spokesman Larry Hryb (aka: Major Nelson), those who visit their local Microsoft Store will be able to score a free t-shirt and canteen, among other prizes. The HaloFest Premiere Event will also be streamed to each of the 106 Microsoft Stores around the country, meaning you’ll be able to catch the debut of the live-action series Halo: Nightfall while waiting to pick up a copy of The Master Chief Collection. If you live within visiting distance of the Bellevue, Washington Microsoft Store, you’re in for arguably the biggest treat: Master Chief himself (or someone dressed like him, seeing as this is the real world and not the dream world we write about in our Livejournals) will be available for photo opportunities, and the store itself will act as a museum, full of props and replicas from the Halo universe. Wherever you’re looking to go, the party starts on November 10 at 10 p.m.
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Onedrive – Microsoft Piedāvājums Datu Glabāšanai ‘mākonī’ | Dpalatvia

Uznemumiem noteikti interesantaks bus OneDrive for Business (ODB) piedavajums. Sobrid ODB ir pieejams ari Open licencu programma ar patikamu 50% atlaidi lidz 2014. gada septembrim. Ieprieks sis risinajums bija pieejams tikai Office 365 ietvaros, tacu Microsoft no 1. aprila piedava iegadaties ODB ka atsevisku produktu. Pec noklusejuma ODB sobrid pieejams ar 25 GB kratuvi.
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